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Peter J. Burns III Expert Entrepreneur

Peter J Burns III has built over 150 successful businesses. He is a serial startup entrepreneur with over 40 decades of experience.  According to Burns, “What holds true for virtually every business is that nearly 80% of the process of starting and operating a new venture is exactly the same.” He explains that the other 20% is the “unique differentiator” related to the industry of a particular business.

Burns has taught entrepreneurship courses at the Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, and at two top universities in Ethiopia. He has also mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them to create their own businesses. When he reflects over his time empowering entrepreneurs, he notes that “People crave self-determination and business and future of their very own, but the process of entrepreneurship is very, very hard.”

Furthermore, Peter J Burns III explains that only a small percentage of people even act upon their goals. Burns understands why some would-be entrepreneurs are reluctant; not every idea will be successful. Of his own businesses, he says, “Some ventures paid off, most died a lonely death, but a few made me millions and millions of dollars.” Because he relentlessly pursued success, Burns achieved it, and declares, “I will never stop with my mission of starting up new companies.” 

Sometimes there are failures on the path to making dreams become a reality, and Burns encourages entrepreneurs to never give up. “We are only limited by our imagination and commitment to action,” he states. Without risk, however, there is no reward. 

During his years of experience, Peter J Burns III noticed that many startups fail and a great deal of would-be entrepreneurs never start their businesses because they lack sufficient funding. Through his company Burn$ Funding, he hopes to give hope and support to entrepreneurs and make startup success more attainable. “If an entrepreneur is on the edge of creating a successful business and just needs a little creative financing to dig out of a hole or grow their business, we are prepared to help,” he states.

Burn$ Funding offers a vast range of options to help businesses and individuals, including, but not limited to:

  • Credit score repair
  • Rapid credit recalibration
  • Revolving primary credit lines
  • Bridge loans
  • Credit-building and investment opportunities
  • Financing for all income levels

Through Burn$ Funding, Peter J Burns III also offers a credit card program designed specifically for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur’s Credit Card Program offers up $175,000 in unsecured credit at 0% interest for a minimum of 12 months. Another awesome benefit to the program is that applying will not damage your credit. When you apply, you will be given instructions to report your own credit. Because a lender is not looking into your score, you will not receive the penalties associated with a hard inquiry.

These testimonials from clients prove just how effective Burn$ Funding is:

  • “I couldn’t believe how much finance Burn$ Funding was able to raise for me. You have to try them and see for yourself.” – W. Robertson
  • “I’ve tried various funding sources over the years. Hands down, Burn$ Funding has better products and cheaper rates than them all. I don’t know how they do it but it’s incredible.”- T. Lewis
  • Burn$ Funding did an incredible job for me. They fixed my credit, did, provided a bridging loan to pay down my current balance and then did a rapid rescore. This all happened in the space of a week. I received $78k shortly afterward to put into my business.”- J. Truebold
  • “What Burn$ Funding is doing is highly disruptive to an industry that was in need of this. For anyone that needs between $100,000 and $500,000, Burn$ Funding is a great place to start.” – Sue Malone, President of Strategies for Small Business

Get Involved, Don’t Give Up!

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