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Raleigh Locksmith Near You!

Raleigh Locksmith Group can provide expert locksmith advice. Of course, we hope that you choose us as your residential and commercial locksmith. However, we also want to make sure that our community stays informed about their security options. 

Let’s look at some important points to consider when you need a reliable locksmith in your price range.

  1. Experience matters. Because Raleigh Locksmith Group has been operating for over a decade, we are confident about our professional knowledge and ability to resolve your safety issues.

    When considering a locksmith, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask questions. In fact, we encourage you to do so! If a locksmith team avoids answering your questions, they may be untrustworthy, or simply have a poor approach to customer service. If you want to know about a locksmith’s experience, call and ask!

    By the way, the Raleigh Locksmith Group phone number is 919-372-3667!

  2. Know and stay within your budget. Locksmiths aren’t always able to give an exact cost over the phone before evaluating your situation. However, a reputable locksmith should always be able to give you an estimate. Once again, just call and ask!
  3. Choose a licensed and bonded locksmith. Locksmiths must maintain an up-to-date North Carolina Locksmith License in order to operate in NC. Raleigh Locksmith Group is both licensed and bonded, so you know that you are dealing with a safe, professional, and highly trained team when you choose us.
    Remember, never let a locksmith without a license work on your locks, keys, and other security devices. Not only is an unlicensed locksmith operating illegally in our state, but this person is also likely to compromise your security, even if on accident. Don’t take the risk of hiring someone who could damage your property or make your vehicle, home, or office unsafe.
  4. Consider the locksmith’s reviews. It’s true that reviews can be “taken with a grain of salt” and opinions are not facts. However, choose a locksmith that has a large number of five-star reviews.
    Want to check out the online reviews for Raleigh Locksmith Group? Just click here and see what our pleased customers have to say.

It’s also a great idea to look for reviews that are Google Verified and to work with businesses, like Raleigh Locksmith Group, which have earned a Google Guarantee.

5. Location, location, location! Obviously, a local locksmith is usually the best choice. This is because a local locksmith can typically arrive on the scene more quickly than a locksmith who normally operates outside of your area. While we do serve Raleigh, we also serve surrounding areas. For example, if you need a locksmith in Cary, we can get to you quickly as well.

6. Hire the correct type of locksmith. If a locksmith company is only experienced in residential locksmith needs, that company is unlikely to be the best locksmith for your commercial locksmith needs. At Raleigh Locksmith Group, we have a team or experts who are highly trained in specific areas of the professional locksmith trade. 

That means that while we keep homes secure, we also have expert team members who are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to keeping your business, warehouse, or office space secure. We use the latest security techniques and products to keep your merchandise, employees, and customers safe.

When it comes to automotive locksmith needs, we provide expertise in car security as well. We can even make a new electronic transponder key for your car on-site if you car key is lost. Since we come to you, you can avoid getting your vehicle towed to a dealer!

We sincerely value our customers and their safety. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 919-372-3667. It is also a good idea to save our number to your contact list. That means that you can reach us right away if you have a locksmith emergency! 

You can learn more about Raleigh Locksmith Group by visiting the About page of our site (just click here).


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