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Are you the owner of a legal cannabis business, or would you like to become one?

Peter J. Burns III is a highly successful lifelong entrepreneur. Burns has decades of experience starting innovative new businesses and helping others to do the same. One of his passions is identifying opportunities in pioneering industries, including legal cannabis. If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with the multitude of benefits that this crop can provide for individuals. 

According to a recent publication from Harvard Health Publishing, legal cannabis is currently used to:

  • Ease the chronic pain of patients with conditions like multiple sclerosis 
  • Provide a safer alternative to opioids
  • Manage tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease
  • Treat glaucoma
  • Diminish nausea
  • Reduce the side effects of IBS and Crohn’s Disease

Based on the same article, legal cannabis may also benefit individuals with other conditions, including PTSD. Perhaps cannabis’s known and potential ability to manage an array of health issues is why this crop is now legally used in so many states. Take a look at the graphic below, which was published by the National Conference of State Legislatures in August 2019:

Peter J. Burns III Cannabis Business

It is clear that cannabis use is increasingly legalized across the United States, and the industry has an impressive amount of potential to help millions of individuals to manage their illnesses. As the legal cannabis market continues to climb, the cannabis industry is also a new frontier for entrepreneurs. When he identified the growth and potential that this industry offers, Peter J. Burns III founded Cannabiz Insiders.

What is Cannabiz Insiders?

This program provides financial assistance and other support to individuals who legally perform work related to the cannabis industry. Whether you are legally growing cannabis, or you legally distribute this product, Cannabiz Insiders can help you. Peter J. Burns III provides the business expertise you need and a team of specialists to make your business boom.

Cannabiz Insiders solutions include:

    • IRS-compliant tax mitigation strategies
    • Software for detailed, real-time reporting and analysis
    • Digital marketing for your business, including social media marketing
    • Responsive site design
    • Organic, cost-effective treatments to protect your crop from mold, mildew, and bacteria
    • Strategic legal advice for cannabis entrepreneurs
    • Assistance structuring your 
    • correctly


  • Instant approval for loans and unsecured credit lines up to $175,000 with 0% interest for the first year


Why Should I Use Cannabiz Insiders to Finance my Business?

Every entrepreneur in the cannabis industry must understand how to legally perform credit card transactions and utilize banking services for his or her enterprise. Many individuals attempt to find success in the legal cannabis industry, but find that they are not in compliance with financial regulations. For this reason, Peter J. Burns III provides you with the resources you need to be certain that you comply with these regulations.

Cannabiz Insiders can give you solutions and guidance so that your legal cannabis business is fully compliant. Never take the chance of dealing with critical legal consequences that non-compliant business owners face. Let experts give you the peace of mind that you are not breaking banking or credit card regulations. Unlike other card-processing services, which illegitimately report cannabis-related transactions as legal, Cannabiz Insiders is in full compliance with the law. This program can give you the legally compliant credit card and banking opportunities you need to fund your business.

Visit for more details and to make it big with your legal canna-business!

More Information About Peter J. Burns III

You can learn more about this successful entrepreneur and his other projects by visiting his web site: Click here to find with this serial start-up expert on LinkedIn.


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