Peter J. Burns III- Credit Repair Scams

Peter J. Burns III

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Peter J. Burns III– Credit Repair Scams

Currently, there is a tremendous increase in credit card repair scams due to the current economic situation (a shaky economy) because of record levels of foreclosures, a rising number of bankruptcies, late mortgage payments, and credit card delinquencies. Credit repair is a growing business now, and this is making a lot of dishonest elements flourishing in the market. Entrepreneur Credit Repair business is very popular nowadays because many people are now falling victim of bad credit.

Peter J. Burns III

Because credit repair is not an easy process, you cannot repair it overnight. However, by being careful, organized, patient and with the help of people, friends and families (who have been through a similar situation as you) and professionals, it is possible to remove all the inaccurate information and have a clean credit file. Like most scams, people who are feeling desperate to get their credit card cleaned overnight and believe even unreasonable promises are those credit repair scams prey on.

Below are a few Credit Repair Scams you should avoid:

  • Entrepreneur Credit Repair companies that do not follow industry regulations or standards
  • Entrepreneur Credit Card repair companies that promise to exploit “little known” or “secret” loopholes in the system to get rid of negative information from your credit history.
  • Entrepreneur Credit Repair companies that are offering “wipe out bankruptcies” to get credit for you despite your credit history or remove any negative information from your credit history immediately.
  • Credit Card Repair companies who are not willing to provide a written admission of your rights that is related to your credit history and repair before asking you to append your signature on the contract.
  • Entrepreneur Credit Card repair company that is discouraging you from making contact with the major credit bureaus.
  • Entrepreneur Credit Card repair company that is charging you money even before they look into your credit history and before performing the credit repair services.
  • A credit repair company that keeps on telling you to lie on different loan applications and changing or developing a new identity.
  • Entrepreneur Credit Card repair company that is repairing your credit history looks like a big mystery and that it requires several years of practice and legal expertise.

What do you think you can do to avoid getting scammed by these people? The first thing is to start by learning about different tips they are using to scam people. You can start by identifying any of them with the above tips. Also, if you discover inaccuracies on your credit history, you start the process by making corrections yourself. You can do everything an Entrepreneur Credit Card repair company can do for you legally yourself at little or no cost. Fortunately, you can sue a credit repair company that violates the Credit Repair Organization Act.

Once you are scammed, you can turn to the State law enforcement officials for help. As a result, people who have been scammed or experienced credit problems may run to the credit repair organizations for advice and assistance. They will help those consumers improve their credit standing. However, nobody (you or any credit repair company) has the right to have current, accurate, and verifiable information deleted from your credit report.

If you have any problem with your credit card, contact Peter J. Burns III’s Entrepreneur Credit Repair program and your credit history will be repaired easily. Their repair program is legal and legit because he is a financial adviser and a legal practitioner. After the repair, you can use your credit card to request for zero-interest loans from Burns Funding.


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