Effective Management of Flow of Funds in Your Business

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It is not easy to run a business. According to the data released by the United States Small Business Administration, it is shown that more than 50% of business fail in their first year and more than 95% of businesses fail in their first five years. In another statistic, it is shown that up to 82% of small businesses fail due to the improper management of cash flow. You need comprehensive management of the flow of funds in your business to prevent this from happening and stay afloat and beat the odds. According to a cash flow expert, Peter J. Burns III, below are some of the effective ways you can manage cash flow in your business:

The use of cloud-based accounting software

Many small business owners are making use of note-taking software, Excel sheets, and even pen and paper for their account record keeping. These methods are aquake and ineffective. There is much online accounting software like QuickBooks nowadays that you can use for your business. Software like this is available anywhere you found yourself, and you continue working. You also get added functionalities to this software like charts, report generation, and other analytical things. These functionalities will make it easier for you and other employees to understand the finances of your business.

Separate business and personal finances

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your money to run your business or you borrow funds from Burns Funding; you should always separate your personal account from your business account. Your business should have a separate credit card and savings account. In addition to this, you should put all your business expenses in your business savings account and your business credit card. With this, you will be able to track your business cash flow better and easier.

Hire a professional

You will never do like a professional no matter how hard you try to keep your business finances. Contact Peter J. Burns III for more information as you don’t have to hire them full-time. The best is to have them on a part-time basis; you call them when you need them. They can help you with cost analysis, tax planning, and other things. In addition to this, they can help you with different cost-saving tips, and they are efficient in legit tax reductions. Professionals can forecast the future of your business, and they will help you with pitfalls to avoid.

Have a cash flow budget

It would help if you got a spreadsheet that will details how and when cash flows into your company. This spreadsheet is very important as you will see the way you are spending in your company. It will also feature a part where you will have future projections on how you will spend funds in the next quarter. The cash flow budget is very important as it will let you know whether your cash flow will be enough to cover your expenses.

Have a cash reserve

This is very important to cater for emergencies. A cash reserve will help you cushion sudden shocks. Even if everything is going on smoothly with your business now, anything can happen later. You cannot predict the future, and any emergency that occurs may demand some cash. Peter J. Burns III has the Burns Funding program that provides immediate funds for businesses needing them for an emergency. No guarantor, no interest attached, and no long queue. Just fill the form and get the cash!


Above all, it is not easy to run a business, and it is tougher to remain in business. So, you wouldn’t want to let poor cash flow management ruin your business. You need to make use of the above tips to save your business from crashing due to poor cash management. Contact Peter J. Burns III for help and how to repair your credit history with his Entrepreneur Credit Repair Program.


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