Peter J. Burns III Initiatives in Ethiopia


Peter J. Burns III Initiatives in Ethiopia

Peter J. Burns III visited Ethiopia for a six-month-long volunteer program. He got great experience in that country. He was also motivated by the troubles and investment opportunities in the regions. For that matter, this lifelong investor decided to make some investments to boost the local economy and employ some locals. Below we discuss some of the initiatives he helped put in place.

The Water Belt Project

Peter J. Burns III was touched during his time as a volunteer in Ethiopia by the methods used by children and women to fetch water and firewood. He observed this people ferry heavy water containers on their backs for very long distance, some of them even going for more than 10 kilometers.

With this touching experience, he employed his innovative nature to engineer simpler and more effective methods that these people can use to transport water and firewood.

The Ento Bread Project

For a very long time grasshoppers and termites have been causing a lot of trouble to Ethiopian Farmers. Burns has used his entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise to convert this menace to a source of livelihood and employment to the locals.

In partnership with the McGill University, they are processing these organisms to make foods which are then exported to countries and regions that have termites and grasshoppers in their diet.

University Lectures

Peter J. Burns III has decided to put his experience as a teacher at the Barretts Honors College back to practice. He gives lectures in two top Addis Ababa universities.

He targets to recruit top MBA candidates into his research and development project. These students will help research new business opportunities. He is to recruit a bigger number of students from these universities to work in these new projects.

The Storage Facility Project

In Ethiopia, there are a lot of developments going on. The number of middle-class families is on the rise, and cases of rural to urban migration are also increasing. Burns has recognized that the growth of the middle class means that people have acquired more items and when they move they need storage facilities for excess items.

He has laid down a plan to set up a number of storage facilities in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Modeling Agency Project

Ethiopia is home to many unemployed, talented, beautiful ladies. If they are trained and turned into professional models it will not only give the monetary income but also sustainable occupations.

Through Burns, negotiations are in place with existing established modeling institutes towards a move to assign these ladies into the United States modeling industry.


Peter J. Burns III has entered the little known fishing industry in Ethiopia and is transforming into a profitable sustainable one using modern tried and approved technology and equipment. He intends to produce more fish for both local consumption and export. This will not only be a source of income to the residents but a source of lifelong employment if positively motivated.

Bottom Line

For whatever reason he chose Ethiopia for his Volunteer program, Peter J. Burns III has surely made a big impact on the lives of the local population. His projects are not just sources of livelihood to the people but a very big inspiration and motivation.


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