Peter J. Burns III’s Current Projects

Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III’s Current Projects

Since he began his journey as an entrepreneur, Peter J. Burns III has been involved in hundreds of projects. Some of these have been sold while some are still operational to date. One common thing with these ventures is that he always intends to provide market solutions. Some of the current projects under his watch include the following:

The Entrepreneurs’ Credit Card Program

The intention of the program is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary financial assistance to grow their businesses. The entrepreneurs are provided with up to 5 times what they can get from the other lenders and with affordable conditions.

With this program, entrepreneurs are assured of up to $175,000 unsecured funds with instant approvals. Their interest rates are as low as 0% and the entrepreneur only has to pay 1 or 2% of the original principal.

Cannabis Insider

As always Peter J. Burns III is ready to seize any opportunity worth putting his money on. In the modern United States economy, the Cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing.

The cannabis insider project’s main goal is to grow any business that is ready for a legal partnership as long as the business itself sells cannabis legally. From growers, delivery men/women, dispensary owners to distributors, cannabis insiders intend to give the entrepreneurs an edge above others.

They provide to facilitate the cannabis traders with the correct technology, innovations, and entrepreneurial skills to ensure that legal cannabis businesses are fully operational in accordance with the United States laws. This will help the traders reap maximum benefits from their respective businesses

Credit Repair and Financing

With this product, Burns intended to repair and fix poor credit scores for individuals and businesses. The product then aims to give the consumers better credit choices under favorable terms that won’t make more damages to their credit ratings.

Individuals are offered credit facilities without basing scrutiny on their existing credit scores. Burns started this project to give money to people who would otherwise be denied financial access if they went to bigger financial institutions.

Burn$ Funding

Peter J. Burns III fund does both credit repair and funding for both individual consumers and businesses. The finances are provided at 0% interest rates. The payment period is between 12 to 21 months.

The funding solutions are customized to meet your financial ability doesn’t matter if you have the lowest or the highest credit score, Burns Funding always has your needs catered for.

For all consumer loans and mortgages, clients only have to wait for 48 hours to acquire funding after credit repairs.

Ethiopian Capital Partners Projects

Peter J. Burns III’s six months volunteer program really motivated him to start a program that will leave a permanent positive mark in the country. After consultations, he has decided to put up the world and most notably Ethiopia’s first-ever Capital Fund serving the East African nation.


The great innovative mind of Peter Burns never seems to lack new ideas. Even the dynamics in the business world have not slowed him down for the 4 decades he has been involved in entrepreneurship. We always wait for another big program to come. The above programs have created more employment and solved industry gaps.


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