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The Raleigh Locksmith Group team encounters this situation often. There are a few different reasons why keys break off inside a lock. We’ll review these reasons, what you should do if your key breaks off inside a lock, and how to prevent this frustration situation from happening.

Top Reasons Why Keys Break in Locks

  • The key is old, and daily use has resulted in a lot of “wear and tear”  
  • The lock itself faulty or malfunctioning as a result of frequent use or lack of care
  • The person is in a rush, and the soft metal of the key snaps under physical pressure

What You Should Do If Your Key Breaks


You should act quickly if you break your key off inside a lock. If the key broke off while the door was unlocked, your vehicle, home, or office is no longer secure and is at risk of theft. On the other hand, if the key broke off while the door was locked, you are now locked out of your property. Regardless of whether or not the door was locked when the key broke, leaving the broken key in the door can cause permanent damage to the lock.

We would love to me your trusted emergency locksmith if this happens to you. If you live in Raleigh or the surrounding area, call Raleigh Locksmith Group at (919)-372-3667. Our customer-focused locksmith company is licensed and bonded, and we have a team of highly-trained technicians.

That being said, it may be possible for you to remove the broken key yourself, and we would like to share some unbiased tips about how you may try to remove the broken lock.

  1. Check to see if the key is sticking out of the lock. Even if only a small portion of the broken key is protruding, consider yourself lucky!
  2. If a large portion of the key is sticking out, try pinching the key between two fingers to withdraw it. Please be careful if you choose to do this and consider your safety. You do not want to cut your fingers on a broken key. A pair of leather gloves may come in handy.
  3. If a smaller portion of the key is visible outside the lock, you may be able to withdraw it using needle-nose pliers. This method also has drawbacks. Be very gentle. You do not want to snap off the protruding portion of the key and leave part of the key inside the lock.
  4. If the key is not protruding from the lock, some individuals recommend inserting a tiny flathead screwdriver into the lock to try to remove the key. In our experience, this method tends to do more harm than good, often damaging the lock. For this reason, we recommend calling Raleigh Locksmith Group if the broken key is not sticking out from the lock.

Replacement Locks and Keys

If your key breaks off in your lock, you will likely need a replacement key, and Raleigh Locksmith Group can quickly and affordably perform this service for you on-site. Whether you need to replace a simple key to your home, or you need to replace and electronic transponder key to your vehicle, we are here to help. Raleigh Locksmith Group can also check your lock for damage, and we can conveniently and professionally install, repair, and rekey locks and deadbolts.

How to Prevent Broken Keys

If your key appears to be damaged, it’s time to get rid of it. Make sure that you have at least one reliable key and one reliable spare. Throw out any key looks bent or otherwise seems to be problematic.

You should also apply a silicone-based lubricant spray to the keyhole once every 6 months. This maintenance step should also be taken if you notice friction, sticking, or grinding when you try to use the lock.

Get in Touch – Raleigh Locsmith

We recommend saving the Raleigh Locksmith Group number now: (919)-372-3667. Add us to your contact list before you have an emergency so that you can reach us immediately and receive peace of mind. For more information about our top-rated services and solutions, visit our site: www.raleighlocksmithgroup.com.

Raleigh Locksmith Group has provided a highly recommended service to Raleigh and the surrounding area for over a decade. Let us impress you!


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