The Rise of Peter J. Burns III


The Rise of Peter J. Burns III

In the modern business era, you cannot name top entrepreneurs in the United States of America without mentioning Peter J. Burns III. In his illustrious career, Burns has many accolades to his name. He has been featured in several television, radio and journal interviews including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Arizona Republic, and The Phoenix Business Journal, Fox Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, The State Press, and USA Today.

Burns’ journey in entrepreneurship came in a serendipitous way. In 1976, he was selected to West Point to attend The U.S Military Academy Preparatory School. While at the academy he won an Army ROTC scholarship and decided to pursue a different path of education through the University of Virginia.

It was during his first year in the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce when Burns’ entrepreneurial journey really began. While only a first-year student, he eyed a fourth-year level course that really resonated with him — Entrepreneurship. Rather than let his class level determine his life’s course, Burns petitioned to take the course as a freshman. The course professor had a stipulation that he provide a formal presentation to the entire class as to why a “lowly first-year student felt he merited the honor of being in a fourth-year course.” His presentation was a huge success and he was admitted into the course feeling as if he had always belonged there.

His course required Burns to come up with a viable idea, draft a business plan, and make a case for funding. He proposed importing mopeds from Europe into the United States with the plan of establishing rental operations at select resorts. Burns received an “A” on the class project and when summer rolled around, he decided to implement his plan in real life.

In May 1977, he rented a dirt lot in downtown Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, bought a folding table and cash box from the local thrift shop for 50 cents, unloaded his 15 new mopeds and started his first official business. He quickly threw away the class business plan, since nothing they researched and forecasted had any resemblance to the “rough and tumble” world of real-life business ownership.

He learned many invaluable lessons that summer and after counting his pennies ($55,000 worth) at the summer’s end, he tendered back the three remaining years on his ROTC scholarship, wrote his professor to tell him that he’d been right about him, and set about on his expansion plans for world domination in the recreational rental industry. And within a 20-year span, Burns created the largest recreational rental chain in the world, eventually opening up over 100 locations around the U.S. and Caribbean.

Peter J. Burns III has since used his entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise to seize opportunities as they arise. At just 29 years of age, he became a founding member of the www.eonetwork-org, the largest entrepreneurs’ organization in the world. At the same age, he broke a record and became the youngest ever participant in the Harvard Business School and President Management Program.

In his more than 4 decades of experience, Burns admits to having made great profits and suffered spectacular losses. However, he insists that there is nothing stopping for him. Peter J. Burns III recently decided to spend 6 months volunteering his time and skillset with the humanitarian organization International NGO in Ethiopia. During his stay, he fell in love with the country, with the people, and with the rich ancient culture. And desiring to make a mark in Ethiopia, Burns identified 42 different business opportunities that interested him, including the possibility of creating Ethiopian Capital Partners, which is in its initial stages.

Peter J. Burns III has surely traveled a long way to being the man he is today. His business knowledge and expertise are unrivaled and few enjoy his level of success. He is a master at identifying opportunities. Burns has some recent ventures like the Entrepreneurs’ Credit Card; a FinTech product, and the newly launched Burns Funding which provides financial assistance to individuals and businesses at affordable rates. This is just to name a few. To learn more about Burns’ projects and ventures, visit his website at


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