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If you’re lacking capital, Peter J. Burns, III can help. Burns is a highly accomplished entrepreneur himself; he started over 150 companies to become a self-made multimillionaire as a teenager. Because he has spent decades in the business industry, he knows how important it is for small businesses to have growth capital.

Peter J. Burns, III also views his own remarkable entrepreneurial success as an opportunity to help others. He strongly believes in “doing well by doing good.” For this reason, he is offering The Entrepreneur’s Credit Card Program through Burn$ Funding, his entrepreneur-focused establishment.

Learn about the excellent features of Entrepreneur’s Credit Card, which offers up to five times the financing that other lenders offer, with better rates and quicker approval.

  • The Entrepreneur’s Credit Card can give you up to $175,000 in unsecured credit.
  • Pay 0% interest for the first year. In some cases, entrepreneurs are approved for even longer zero-interest periods.
  • Use the instant pre-approval feature to get expedited access to the cash you need for your business.
  • You will experience no credit score penalties when you apply. When you apply for a traditional credit card, the lender makes a hard inquiry into your credit, which lowers your credit rating. When you apply for the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card, you will be given instructions to access and report your own credit score, which means that no hard inquiries are made into your credit, so your score is not negatively impacted.
  • Pay only 1-2% of your principal back per month, during a payback period of four or more years.

Find out if you qualify for the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card:

Peter J. Burns III

This program is available for entrepreneurs for an estimated FICO score of 700. However, if your score is a little lower, Peter J. Burns, III is still able to work with you and encourages entrepreneurs with credit scores of 650 and up to apply. Visit www.entcreditcard.com to apply today.

“If the entrepreneur is on the edge of creating a successful business and just needs a little debt financing to dig out of a hole, or grow the business, we are prepared to help.” Peter J. Burns, III

Why you should take advantage of this outstanding offer now:

It is absolutely essential to keep your business and personal accounts, including credit lines separate. This practice makes it easier for you to reap the rewards of cost segregation and write off business expenses for tax purposes. Furthermore, you need to build your credit in order to become eligible for even more business capital to grow your company. Remember, the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card was designed by an entrepreneur for other entrepreneurs. Traditional banks are unwilling to make the same offers and their massive amount of clients means that they do not have the time to consider and meet your business needs.

Hear more from satisfied clients:

If you’re still not convinced, read these reviews from entrepreneurs who are reaping the benefits of this special program:

“I filled out the application and was instantly approved. As an entrepreneur, startup funding has always been a challenge for me. I’ve never been approved for funding so quickly and easily before. And the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card is unsecured! Hats off to Entrepreneur Capital Corp for providing this awesome funding option.” — Chris M.

“Burn$ Funding helped me make major gains financially during my gap year before medical school. Peter is a well-known serial entrepreneur who has the connections and resources to launch an idea into a successful business. That being said, there is no idea too small. He was able to take a small conversation over lunch into a full-blown business in a matter of hours. If I could do it, you can too.” — Nicole C.

“Burn$ Funding has given me the opportunity that has allowed me to see my business plan come to reality. I was able to have my voice and needs heard, and the Burn$ Funding team worked with me through my complications and made my dream possible! It has been such a wonderful experience and my success would not be where it is today without Burn$ Funding.” — Hiba A.

Visit http://burnsfunding.com/ to read about all of the outstanding opportunities Burn$ Funding provides and click here to learn more about the Entrepreneur’s Credit Card. You can also visit Peter J. Burns, III’s site, http://peterjburnsiii.com/ to learn more about this serial entrepreneur and to find exciting opportunities to become involved in his projects.


Article by L.K. Bright, MLS & MLIS



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